Electronic Fly Killers

The Electronic Fly Killers use powerful PestWest Quantum tubes to attract flying insects onto a high voltage killing grid to eradicate them. The insects subsequently fall into a catch-tray.

Different models that suitable for shops, kitchens, cafes, take-away outlets and even domestic use.

Models:  Nemesis Quattro,  Titan 300,  Titan Alpha

Professional Sticky Traps

They are high quality units combining advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs.

They catch insects securely allowing units to be placed closer to sensitive areas.  They do not have an electric killing grid making them silent, discreet and hygienic whilst catching all sizes of insects including smaller species.

Their consumables can easily and quickly be accessed without the need for a tool.

Models:  Chameleon 1x2, Chameleon 1x2 Discretion,  Chameleon 2x2,  Chameleon Uplight

Professional Electronic Sticky Traps

The range of environmentally responsible models offer innovative designs with highly efficient yet discreet fly control.  All models features an electronic ballast and unique PestWest Quantum 14 Watt T5 tubes, which are on the cutting edge of energy efficient lighting technology.

Flying insects are discreetly trapped on standard Chameleon range glue boards placed behind decorative front covers.

Models:  Chameleon Vega,  On-Top Pro & On-Top Pro 2,  Chameleon Sirius

Decorative & Commercial Sticky Traps

The decorative and commercial sticky trap units have been designed specially for areas where fly control should be hidden from view, with decorative and unique front covers that hide the glue board and insect catch.

Models:  Sunburst,  Naturale,  Sunburst TAB

Killgerm BedBug Monitor

The Bedbug Monitor is a passive trap that allows continuous monitoring for bedbug activity. It provides an attractive harbourage for bedbugs, whilst being discreet for installation in bedrooms.

Packing:  Pack of 10

Odor Remover Bag

All natural odor eliminators offer safe odor removers for you and your pets and family. They will safely remove pet skunk odors and urine odors.  Simply sprinkle the granules on the accident or in the litter box.  Easily eliminate cigarette smoke odors by hanging Odor Remover Bags.

Model:  Clean the Air - Odor Remover
Titan 300 
Titan 300 Fly Killer

Chameleon 1x2

Chameleon 1x2

Chameleon Sirius
Chameleon Sirius


BedBug Monitor
Killgerm BedBug Monitor

Odor Remover Bag

Odor Remover Bag - Clean the Air